Friday, February 14, 2014

Join Us to find a Cure

We are proud to be participating once more in the Tour de Cure, an annual effort to raise money to find a cure for diabetes. We have set up a special team for the shop with the goal of raising $2,000 towards a cure. To help us reach that goal, please donate here: Team Peddler Bike Shop.

Or if this cause is as near and dear to your family as it is to ours you might be interested in starting your own team: Start Your Own Team

Sometimes we can't give but we can always click. Help spread the word by liking the cause on facebook:

We are also planning an extra special Local Challenge for Tour de Cure. Members of the Strava Cycling Club who participate will receive a unique gift*:
"The blue circle has become the universal symbol of diabetes. Within the blue circle is a geometrical blood drop. My intent was for this to signify the facets of life."

These awesome patches are made by Spoking Fun. Click the image to read more about the impetus behind the patch.

*Limited availability. Please notify when you register to ride Tour de Cure.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Project One Contest

We need a Project One bike in the store to showcase the possibilities available to customers so we've started a little Facebook Project One Contest

The employees have each designed a Project One Madone and we've put the pictures up on Facebook. The picture that gets the most likes by March 1st will be the bike that we order! Which one do you think is the best?

What would you do with Project One?

February Local Challenge - We Heart Parks

Are you familiar with StravART? People plan a route and take to the streets producing an image or message via GPS tracking. Someone even went so far as to propose!
(It wasn't me...)

For the February Local Challenge we want you to show your love as well, but it needn't be so grandiose! We want you to go to your favorite park and make a heart. Whatever park you want, however big you want it. The winner will be judged on lots of criteria like creativity, difficulty, symmetry, but basically whichever one my wife likes most. The winner will be announced on March 4th.

To win you need to be a member of the Peddler Bike Shop Club on Strava. Once you are satisfied with your GPS Heart, share your ride with The winner will receive a Peddler Bike Shop Jersey!