Monday, March 31, 2014

March Local Challenge - The Final Five

Over the past two weeks we challenged our Strava Cycling Club Members to up their game and ride 280 miles. Many accepted the challenge but only five outstanding riders rode it home and now they win a Peddler Bike Shop branded mini-tool! Here are the rankings:

1. Will Stoffel - 401.9 miles
2. Carter Chappell - 347.5 miles
3. Joshua Eggar - 340.1 miles
4. Jeff Fejfar - 318.0 miles
5. Matthew Parker - 305.0 miles

And here are some sweet stats!

Winners, please contact to claim your prize.

Friday, March 7, 2014

March Radness

What's more important: riding bikes or watching basketball? One gets your endorphins going, is great when shared with friends, and will let you drink a few beers. Ok, wait, so maybe they both do that, but riding bikes will actually keep you healthy. So instead of spending all week watching men playing with balls you should prove that you still have some. The Peddler Bike Shop challenges you to ride the equivalent of what it would take a college basketball team to win the championship. That's 7 games because we're including the "First Four" lowest ranked teams. Excluding timeouts, halftime, overtime and commercials a game lasts 40 minutes, times 7 brings us to 280 minutes. In a minutes to miles conversion challenge, you need to ride 280 miles between March 17th and March 30th.

Those bike-riding superfans that complete the challenge will win a Peddler Bike Shop branded Park Tool IB-1C I-Beam Mini Tool!
We can't fix the games, but we can fix your bikes!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fight For Your Bike!

We love it when people really get into being healthy! We ran a special promotion with John Trent, owner of Urban Fitness Kickboxing and President of Memphis Velo, in which the UFK Member who logged the most visits in the month of February would win a Trek 7.2 FX!

We were all surprised when not just one UFK Member, but TWO(!) showed up 42 times in February! Forty-two times in 28 days! WOW! "So what happens when there's a tie?" you ask? JAB PUNCH SHOOTOUT TIME!! Check this video clip:

After a grueling 56 minutes (56 MINUTES OF PUNCHING!!) Vernon emerged victorious and claimed his new Trek 7.2 FX!

It was such an epic jab battle that UFK Members decided that Mark deserves a new Trek 7.2 FX as well and started a collection! They've raised $100 so far! You can get in on the action at Urban Fitness Kickboxing!

Fight for your BIKE!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I Got Love For Ya!

I went out and hit up Overton Park and made a heart as part of our February Local Challenge. Maybe the weather was too cold because there was only one other member of the Strava Club to show some park love. That honor goes to Brad Wright:

But Brad decided he had more love to show so he went and made a second heart!

Brad, all that love wins you a Peddler Bike Shop Jersey! Come into the 575 S. Highland store and get your size!

And the rest of you check back on Friday for our March Local Challenge!