Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May Local Challenge Winners

Kudos to everyone who got out and rode on Memorial Day! While I wasn't able to participate in Tour de La Grange, I was able to get out and steal some KOMs elsewhere! It also gave me some time to get an amazing prize for our 3rd May Local Challenge Winners. That's right, I said winners!

There's a little segment out on the course around mile 15 on Yager Road called Yager Shot. We had some Club members post up some good times on the segment. Two of the top times belong to Peddler Employees; as such they are ineligible for prizes. And I know they are wishing they could have won one of these beauties:

In keeping with the theme of the segment name we have a 16oz Stainless Steel Trek Logo Cup for each winner. The two Club members with the best times on the segment yesterday are MR Graham and Trey L! They actually tied each other! I can only imagine them going up at the same time and encouraging each other along the way!

You guys can pick up your prize at Peddler Bike Shop on Highland, ask for Cort or email cort@peddlerbikeshop.com to make other arrangements.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

May Local Challenge Week 3 (Kinda)

According to Strava, a week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. But whenever there is a holiday on Monday we say we have a "3 day weekend." So I'm fudging the rules a bit and holding the 3rd week challenge on Monday. Now a lot of you guys and girls who are on teams have been DOMINATING the club leaderboards. So to get some swag into the hands of the folks who may not be the fastest, who may not climb the most, or who may not ride as much or as long, there will be some challenges over the next few weeks to reward them.

The challenges will focus on charity rides because riding for a cause is just as important as riding for yourself.

The week 3 challenge will occur during the Hightailers Tour de La Grange on Monday, May 26th.
The actual challenge is still TBD and the prize is still TBD, so you just have to do the ride, and do the best you can do! Remember to log it and load it, or it doesn't count!

Don't forget to tag your Instagram pics #shelbypeddler and Twitter @shelbypeddler!

Bike To Work Week Winners

So I looked down at my feet after another busy day at work and said, "What are all of these water bottles doing down here?"

Duh! I forgot to post the results of the May Week 2 Local Challenge! So I did take a picture of the winners and thankfully I still have it. The top ten are as follows:

1. Dwayne Accardo
2. Will Stoffel
3. Dannie Medlin
4. Victor Gasior
5. Carter Chappell
6. Jeff Fejfar
7. Patrick Smith
8. Michael Burt
9. Richard Taylor
10. Tim Hanisco

Tim edged me out by 1.1 miles! Not that I need another water bottle...

So all of you guys can stop by the Highland store and pick up your 1 World, 2 Wheels water bottle at any time, preferably soon, so I don't keep kicking them!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hump Day? More like Slump Day!

AmIright? First off, big congrats to Andrea "Brickhouse Racing" Wilson for maintaining her lead over all challengers on Plymouth Rock last week and to Jeff Fejfar for holding steady. You two can swing by the shop and pick up two tubes of your choice. If you have any questions contact cort@peddlerbikeshop.com.

So this week started off great for bike commuters but has slowly gotten soggier! But it looks like this rain will cool things down for the rest of the week! Have you registered for Bike To Work Day? Visit http://www.biketoworkmemphis.com/ to register, find an energizer station, and get all the info for the rest of the week.

Stay tuned for more bad jokes later on in the week!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Local Challenge(s)!

We're gonna shake it up this month. May is National Bike Month and there is so much going on we have decided to do a different challenge each week!

Week #1: If April Showers bring May Flowers, what do May Flowers bring? (Wait for it...) Pilgrims! We've created a segment on the Tour de Wolf in Shelby Farms and titled it Plymouth Rock:

You might recognize this segment as near the abandoned cars. One of the cars is a Ford and Vance thinks the other one is a Pontiac but we're gonna call it a Plymouth. Just go with it. Either way, watch out for ghosts.

The segment is visible in this video at 8:45 until approximately 9:45:

The challenge is to KOM/QOM this segment. And you only have until May 11th to do it! The Strava Cycling Club Members (one male, one female) with the highest rankings as of May 11th at 11:59:59PM will win 2 inner tubes in their preferred size.

Week #2: Bike To Work Week! The Top 10 Strava Cycling Club Members with the most cumulative miles on the weekdays (Monday May 12th through Friday May 16th) will receive a 1 World, 2 Wheels water bottle!

Week #3: We're still working on week #3.

Week #4: Special Tour de Cure Challenge! We gave you a preview of this challenge back in February. You can read all about it here. Or click the image below to get registered!

Mayflower Winners!

Congratulations to Carter Chappell and Tina Sullivan for KOMing and QOMing our special Strava segment! It was a hard fought battle against the wind, time and the other club members! For their efforts they will each receive a pair of Bontrager R3 tires!

Email cort@peddlerbikeshop.com to schedule a way to pick up your prizes!