Saturday, May 24, 2014

May Local Challenge Week 3 (Kinda)

According to Strava, a week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. But whenever there is a holiday on Monday we say we have a "3 day weekend." So I'm fudging the rules a bit and holding the 3rd week challenge on Monday. Now a lot of you guys and girls who are on teams have been DOMINATING the club leaderboards. So to get some swag into the hands of the folks who may not be the fastest, who may not climb the most, or who may not ride as much or as long, there will be some challenges over the next few weeks to reward them.

The challenges will focus on charity rides because riding for a cause is just as important as riding for yourself.

The week 3 challenge will occur during the Hightailers Tour de La Grange on Monday, May 26th.
The actual challenge is still TBD and the prize is still TBD, so you just have to do the ride, and do the best you can do! Remember to log it and load it, or it doesn't count!

Don't forget to tag your Instagram pics #shelbypeddler and Twitter @shelbypeddler!

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