Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bike To Work Week Winners

So I looked down at my feet after another busy day at work and said, "What are all of these water bottles doing down here?"

Duh! I forgot to post the results of the May Week 2 Local Challenge! So I did take a picture of the winners and thankfully I still have it. The top ten are as follows:

1. Dwayne Accardo
2. Will Stoffel
3. Dannie Medlin
4. Victor Gasior
5. Carter Chappell
6. Jeff Fejfar
7. Patrick Smith
8. Michael Burt
9. Richard Taylor
10. Tim Hanisco

Tim edged me out by 1.1 miles! Not that I need another water bottle...

So all of you guys can stop by the Highland store and pick up your 1 World, 2 Wheels water bottle at any time, preferably soon, so I don't keep kicking them!

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