Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fight For Your Bike!

We love it when people really get into being healthy! We ran a special promotion with John Trent, owner of Urban Fitness Kickboxing and President of Memphis Velo, in which the UFK Member who logged the most visits in the month of February would win a Trek 7.2 FX!

We were all surprised when not just one UFK Member, but TWO(!) showed up 42 times in February! Forty-two times in 28 days! WOW! "So what happens when there's a tie?" you ask? JAB PUNCH SHOOTOUT TIME!! Check this video clip:

After a grueling 56 minutes (56 MINUTES OF PUNCHING!!) Vernon emerged victorious and claimed his new Trek 7.2 FX!

It was such an epic jab battle that UFK Members decided that Mark deserves a new Trek 7.2 FX as well and started a collection! They've raised $100 so far! You can get in on the action at Urban Fitness Kickboxing!

Fight for your BIKE!!!

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